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Gavin Watson
Each person is born
with an ability
to succeed

Gavin Watson

BOSASA Group of Companies CEO

Gavin Watson has a desire to help others realise their potential.

Each person is born with an ability to succeed; we need to realise that potential in order to grow.

As a young boy, Gavin already displayed an ability to lead people. True leaders are born; yet a wise leader learns lessons along the way.

Gavin is the oldest of five children. He grew up on a farm near Somerset East in the Eastern Cape province of South Africa. Their household was lead by God’s word, and Gavin's father (a lay preacher) taught the children that all people are equal. People who know him have commented that Gavin presents himself as a highly principled individual.

Gavin has always loved South Africa.

He believes that the country has the ability to truly become something great in the world.

Business partners recount the mentor that Gavin is, “What stands out is that he is one of the best motivators that I’ve ever seen, and he doesn’t just motivate the top execs, he motivates at all levels.

He runs a business organisation called BOSASA and strives for the contributions he wants for his strategy. He achieves this through motivation.”

Gavin’s faith encourages him to believe in victory.

A problem can be solved. It is through this belief that he has been able to overcome challenge after challenge throughout his life. His optimism has drawn him to corporate vantage points.

His style of leadership can be compared to that of a coach of a team. He cares about those around him and shares the victory as a member of that team.

Together people can work towards the same goal.

Focus and determination leads a person to succeed, “Gavin has had the same heart and vision his entire life: he is a winner and he will never give up.”

Complete success and fulfilment in life is derived from a close relationship with God.

  • Faith gives a person the courage to do what is purposed.
  • Wisdom encourages us to wait for perfect timing. 
  • Joy is derived from creating opportunities that are not easily created, and true fellowship is expressed when we realise the needs of those around us.
  • Courage to take action embodies a true ability to create positive change.

As a mentor, an entrepreneur and a leader, Gavin takes these aspects to heart.

Few people have the tenacity and generosity that is needed to enable 'change'; fewer people have the courage to follow through with 'change'.

Let us learn to take up the challenges in life and live to make a difference.

Gavin Watson CEO of BOSASA,  often asked how he managed  to build the company  from an inspirational  concept to the giant it is today.  Fifteen years marked a steady growth from five members of staff in the then town of Krugersdorp to  250 at head office and 5223 in 2011, country wide.   In fifteen years, BOSASA has developed a national footprint in nine provinces, and engaged in  eight   successful international partnerships.     Today as the largest employer in the West Rand District, the  BOSASA Group has contributed handsomely to turning the town of Krugersdorp  into a city of note - Mogale City, soon to become a metropolis.


Ask Gavin Watson today what his  landmarks  of  success comprise and without hesitation he will talk broadly of his capital formula.  The reading public  would doubt assume that this ‘capital’  is that which is traditionally required to start a business - and we all know that Gavin Watson threw his full weight behind that endeavour.    But his idea of capital forms part of his world view which  he calls the seven way capital test:  venture capital, human capital, intellectual capital, spiritual capital, energy capital,  knowledge capital and emotional capital. All are integrated.

Human Capital

Human capital development remains the BOSASA platform for accelerated growth.

Special emphasis has been placed on the development of Black capital. This resides  in the national volume of Black talent and fine intellects to which Gavin Watson was exposed on his life’s journey.

This talent architecture was discovered as he and his family fought the Apartheid system.  With Xhosa being  his first language Gavin Watson had no difficulty  discovering a repository of skills waiting to be tapped as a corporate resource that matched his vision.

Today BOSASA is probably one of the largest BEE companies in the country with a minimum of 95 per cent black economic empowerment.

With Black people relegated to lowly artisan jobs under the previous Regime, Gavin Watson began by identifying latent potential and today he goes on global record as the man who grew gardeners and cleaners into managers, directors and leaders with meaningful portfolios.

Intellectual Capital

The intellectual capital which grew from his diverse base produced the  BOSASA leadership in integrated and customised software development for the public sector. 

This doubled into patented products such as the famous trustMaster system used with confidence by Correctional Services and the Department of Justice today.    trustMaster  turned the public service into a streamlined operation, enabling it to deal with the business end  with impunity.

 BOSASA’s  interlinked intellectual capital is made up of  invested time and money, ongoing training, registered training programmes, customised manuals, patented formulae, processes, procedures, business solutions, technology, customised products and research.

Gavin Watson has invested in the development of information which has been converted into tailored knowledge management products sought by clients today

Spiritual Capital

BOSASA is grounded in spiritual capital.

BOSASA staff live to work instead of working to live. ‘Another day in paradise” is a common mantra of personnel when entering the Mogale Business Park main gates. 

Spiritual capital is moral capital which helps people distinguish right from wrong. 

It is the capital which enables access to the deepest meanings, values,  purposes and higher motivations of a personal environment.

Five hectares of sculpted grasslands, wetlands, waterways, birdlife, herb gardens, walkways, private seating areas and fine flora is the medium in which this spirituality grows.

Spirituality governs the ethos of BOSASA staff and their daily behaviour.  Gavin Watson, a devout Christian,  believes that without spiritual capital there can be no sustainability.

Emotional Capital

Gavin Watson breaks emotional capital into two components...

Gavin Watson breaks emotional capital into two components: internal emotional capital which reflects the hearts and passion of the people of BOSASA - those that believe in the Company, its history, ethos, merits, worth and potential. 

External emotional capital is that which is held in the hearts of the BOSASA customers with whom the BOSASA staff build solid relationships daily.

It is the core of BOSASA’s asset base and it is regularly acknowledged by Correctional Centre Commissioners as ‘simply extraordinary’. BOSASA leadership is hands on.  The leadership communicates with clients daily using the trustMaster system for focused problem solving and decision making.

BOSASA emotional capital builds and sustains relationships

Venture Capital

The birth of BOSASA required significant venture capital...

The birth of BOSASA required significant venture capital and calculated risk taking. Gavin Watson mobilised all his resources for a vision that was palpable. It delivered the BOSASA Group

Energy Capital

BOSASA personnel pursue health and healthy lifestyles...

They are hallmarked by high levels of energy which enables concomitant high levels of productivity. High levels of personnel energy produce high level returns on management. Energy is maximised through focus on core products which have made BOSASA a global player

To Gavin Watson, this range of eclectic ‘capital’ is completely integrated. One cannot exist without the other. The BOSASA Group and Mogale Business Park are very much akin to Christopher Wren’s comment on completion of the famous St. Pauls Cathedral in the United Kingdom. ‘You who seek my epitaph look around you” The BOSASA architectural framework lies in its seven ‘capitals’ at ‘Capital Hill’ - Mogale Business Park. “We seek and engender ‘7 capitals’ in our staff” shares Gavin Watson. “it is the formula that has made us a winner.”

Knowledge Capital

Gavin Watson drives an unsurpassed knowledge management industry...

with twelve units sharing specialised knowledge and information to keep the BOSASA Group at the competitive edge.

To Gavin Watson, this range of eclectic ‘capital’ is completely  integrated.  One cannot exist without the other.

The  BOSASA Group and Mogale Business Park are very much akin to Christopher Wren’s comment on completion of the famous St. Paul’s Cathedral in the United Kingdom. ‘You who seek my epitaph look around you”   

The BOSASA architectural framework lies in its seven ‘capitals’  at ‘Capital Hill’  - Mogale Business Park.    “We seek  and engender ‘7 capitals’ in our staff” shares Gavin Watson. “it is the formula that has made us a winner.”

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