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Patrick Littler
Patrick joined Bosasa in 1999 when the company was awarded the Mining Catering contract for the...

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Patrick Littler

Patrick Littler

Patrick Littler

Patrick joined Bosasa in 1999 when the company was awarded the Mining Catering contract for the first time.
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Mining is one of the industries that form the backbone of our economy. It is also easy to forget that the mines function in a very complex and tough environment. They keep the workers on their feet 24/7.

To give us an overview and simplify the intricacies of catering in the mining industry, Project Coordinator at Goldfields, Patrick Littler takes us though his daily experiences.  But to start off with, we learn more about Patrick and his journey through Bosasa and catering.

Patrick joined Bosasa in 1999 when the company was awarded the Mining Catering contract for the first time. He has been with Bosasa for thirteen years and he has travelled through the ranks to get to where he is today. In the period he has been with Bosasa, what kept him going was the ‘people’ culture that Bosasa espouses and the relationship Bosasa CEO has created with his employees. This was something new to him because in the 3 decades he has worked in the hospitality industry, he has never seen such humility. He has never been treated with such respect. He is used to working for organisations that only focus on increasing their revenues while neglecting and forgetting to motivate their employees.

Patrick is one of Bosasa’s finest leaders, a result of the training he received over the years he has been with Bosasa. He did the Leadership Training course offered by Bosasa’s Corporate University, formally the Watson Institute of Business Leadership. “The training gave me a strong foundation and exposure to the business environment. It offered me knowledge which was missing and overlooked due to the nature of our environment. If I were to go back to attend the training again I would do so without a doubt because I feel that it should be revived and be continuous,” says Patrick.

“When Bosasa took over the catering contract at Goldfields, I remember we had 48 hours to set up the operation. We were working on the edge but we managed to finish in time. To ensure that we didn’t slip up and miss the ball, we employed people who were skilled, had vast experience and who worked diligently.”

Patrick admires Angelo Agrizzi, Bosasa COO for imparting his outstanding leadership skills onto him and for mentoring him to become a better leader. “Gavin Watson is my strong motivator. He has given me the opportunity to grow my character and to develop my career in the catering industry. Gavin makes things happen. He practices what he tells his staff - service excellence. He is one of the reasons I stayed at Bosasa for as long as I have. No one can come into contact with Gavin and not be taught or motivated to grow. He always leaves a foot print in the lives of those he comes into contact with,” adds Patrick.

In conclusion he says, “When the client looks at us now and the work we did in such a short period of time, they realise that it is only a few companies who can do that. Bosasa set the bar very high and salvaged the catering contract by cleaning up chaos left by the past contractor.”

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