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Patrick Littler
Patrick joined Bosasa in 1999 when the company was awarded the Mining Catering contract for the...

Ambrose Nkhobo
Ambrose Nkhobo has been with BOSASA for years, so it’s no surprise that he was nominated ...

Keith Butler
Today we celebrate the achievement of our very own, Keith Butler, who recently received the Gen...

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Ambrose Nkhobo

Ambrose Nkhobo

Ambrose Nkhobo

Ambrose Nkhobo has been with BOSASA for years, so it’s no surprise that he was nominated by Nolukhanyiso Nkhatho in the first Staff Nomination competition and won!
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The Interview

As the winner, Ambrose was interviewed by Velile Phato and shared his experience at BOSASA and how working there has transformed his life for good. Click here to find out why he won

Question: Tell us what your role is at BOSASA
Answer: I work for BOSASA as a Unit Coordinator at Kimberly Airport.

Question: Tell us about your life before joining BOSASA
Answer: Before joining BOSASA, I was working at Goldfields Security on the mines.

Question: How long have you been with BOSASA?
Answer: It’s been 18 years since I joined BOSASA. When I came here I started working as a supervisor at Durban Roodeberg.

Question: Have you had any significant contact with Gavin Watson?
Answer: When I started here I didn’t know Gavin Watson because I didn’t come to the head office often. It was down the road from Lindela and I was far from the head office. I got to know Mr. Gavin Watson when there was a seminar in Randfontein at Bundu Inn.

Question: How has Gavin Watson changed your life?
Answer: I can say Mr. Gavin Watson was a gentleman, an understanding person, he can mentor you in many ways. I learned a lot from him.

Question: What was your first impression of BOSASA?
Answer: When I first came to BOSASA, it was just a small company growing by the name of Dyambu. I liked working for BOSASA because I could see at that time that it was going somewhere.

Question: What type of training did you receive from BOSASA and how has that helped you develop further?
Answer: The training I received from BOSASA was amazing. It has been a learning curve for me. Whenever they asked who wanted to go on training I’d raise my hand and say “I will do that course”. That’s why today I’ve got about 49 certificates from BOSASA.

Question: Who has mentored you?
Answer: I have worked with a lot of gentlemen but Joe Gumede is the first one, Stoffel Mosehle has been a pillar of strength and Sylvester Simelane. In fact a lot of the guys here have been pillars of strengths in my life, and Mr. Angelo Agrizzi was very involved in grooming me as well.

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