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Keith Butler
Today we celebrate the achievement of our very own, Keith Butler, who recently received the Gen...

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Keith Butler

Keith Butler

Keith Butler

Today we celebrate the achievement of our very own, Keith Butler, who recently received the General Manager’s award at the ACSA Feather Awards Ceremony 2014.

Please introduce yourself and tell us your role at BOSASA

My name is Keith Butler, Site Leader at King Shaka International Airport in LaMercy – Durban. My responsibilities in a nutshell are to maintain the contractual obligations and deliver a superior service to our very important client, Airport Company South Africa.

This entails managing a team of 290 staff members which includes a great support team which understands the important fundamentals of customer service deliverance in terms of the strict international regulations set by ICAO – International Civil Aviation Organization and IATA – International Aviation Transport Association. Our team therefore needs to ensure compliance at all times to preserve the integrity of the airport by implementing strict security measures in terms of all operations at the airport, such as access control of staff and passengers into the restricted areas through implementation of prescribed physical and X-Ray Screening measures.

These operational requirements are scrutinised daily by the ACSA compliance team who in turn provide feedback to the ACSA security manager Miss Claudia Daniels and Contract Security HOD Mr. Shane Hoosen, with whom I maintain a professional working relationship 24/7.

I also need to ensure positive relations with all the stakeholders, government agencies, and other contractors at the airport to maintain smooth safe and secure operations for all airport users. Additionally, I am an active member of the King Shaka Ethos and Baggage Pilferage committee to make sure that I keep abreast of my client’s vision to maintain a clean, safe, secure and customer friendly environment. It therefore is vital that I distribute all relevant information to my colleagues on a daily basis.

What are the ACSA Feather Awards about?

ACSA Feather Awards was setup by ACSA to recognise the individuals and entities that provide an extraordinary service delivery which in turn adds value to the cause that Airport Company South Africa strives for in order to deliver a top competitive international aviation standard.

How do you feel about receiving the General Manager’s award? I am greatly honoured to have been awarded this prestigious accolade and really feel appreciated as an important part of the King Shaka International Community. I also feel that this a true indicator to me and the BOSASA Team that we are rowing in the right direction, through smooth and bumpy waters.

Why do you think you received this award?

I am sure I received the General Manager's award due to my and the TEAM`s concerted effort to always render assistance no matter what. Mr Terrance Delomoney did make special mention of the evening that we apprehended the deportee escapees on the airside, and the way we handle the facilitation of VIP members and visitors to the airport.

Please share your experience at BOSASA & how you have grown since you started.

BOSASA well where do I start? Round about April 2010 I was working for Checkport Aviation Security and it was announced to us that we had lost the contract to a company BOSASA and they would be taking over on the first of June 2010. I was pleasantly surprised when I ventured onto the internet and discovered the vast wing span of the BOSASA group, but the colourful distinct marketing and informative website was not the final draw card that urged me to pursue a career with BOSASA.

It was when Mr. Shane Hoosen later that month introduced me to a very polite gentleman known as Joe! This humble quiet eloquently spoken man proved to be extremely knowledgeable and had a distinct aura about him that I could not place. Only after he handed me his business card did I notice that this well poised gentleman is a Director at BOSASA. The second time I met Mr. Joe Gumede, this gentleman made a greater impact on me with his calm, organised professional manner. However it was after I emailed Mr. Gumede requesting an interview to which he committed and kept his word, that I was convinced he is an honourable person by heart as well, I was with the grace of GOD granted the opportunity to join the BOSASA team!

It was during difficult operational times when I truly got to see Mr Gumede`s manner in which he handled challenges that made me respect and admire him more. I learnt a lot from Mr. Gumede and found him to always be extremely supportive and understanding which has built a high level of respect within me for him, a TRUE LEADER.

What training have you received during your time at BOSASA?

BOSASA has assisted me by giving me the opportunity to attend an IATA diploma in Aviation Security which I successfully completed in September 2013. This has been extremely beneficial to me in my line of work and I wish to pursue more courses in the future to better myself and deliver a better service to my client. Let`s face it with a name like BUTLER it is in my genes to be of service LOL!

What advice would you give young and upcoming BOSASA leaders

Ladies and Gents always be prepared to go the extra mile for your client, respect your colleagues and share information constantly. Remember that you are an ambassador to the BOSASA brand and know that there is always someone watching – be aware of your actions, FIRST IMPRESSIONS LAST!

How has Gavin Watson impacted your life?

Mr. Watson is a very blessed man that has extraordinary vision in all aspects of life, the WATSonline website is a true testament to this as he always seems to provide motivational inspiration on the right topics at the right time!

Is there anything else you would like to mention?

I would like to say a special thanks to the Team for everyone`s concerted efforts I believe in you guys, KEEP IT UP & LETS CONTINUOSLY LOOK TO IMPROVE!

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